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Añawi was founded in Lima, Peru by Mario Vidaurre and Alonso Salcedo on October 2014, with the aim to provide high quality products to our clients in a sustainable manner and where ethic rules all the business processes involved.

We are aware that consumers are more conscious in their health care by eating healthy food through high quality fresh produces, with a greater acceptance for organic products.

In the pursuit of meeting our clients’ needs, we have developed a range of fresh exotic and citrus produces cultivated and processed with the best practices, in compliance with the highest quality standards demanded by the international markets we work with.

Why us?

In Añawi, we are convinced that the only way of success in a sustainable manner is making sure that all participants in the supply chain grow with us. The collaborators, suppliers, clients and communities we work with are key elements of our project.

This is how “Growing Together” was born

Our guide to include the interests of all people involved in the supply chain for a fairest decision making.

We are aware that important achievements cannot be reached from one day to the other.

Therefore, working with us means having long term shared goals to achieve great things during the time working with us.


To be a renowned agricultural produces Exporter Company on both national and international levels through our ethics, the quality of our products and above all, our customers´ satisfaction.


To provide agricultural produces with the highest quality to our clients, in an environmentally responsible manner and have a positive impact in the communities we operate. We work ethically looking to benefit all the supply chain, emphasizing the work of the small producers working with us.

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Alonso Salcedo

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Administrator with a major in Marketing in the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) and Diploma course in Agricultural Produce Exports (ADEX).

"Nací en Lima, Perú en el año 1985. Me interesa más conocer y aprender de las personas, que visitar lugares turísticos. Tengo una afición por la música y la tecnología desde muy pequeño.

Añawi es una ventana para conectarme con más personas local e internacionalmente y una herramienta para lograr un impacto positivo en la vida de las personas relacionadas a mi trabajo."

Mario Vidaurre

Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder

Agricultural Engineering with a Master in Sustainable Agriculture in the Universidad Central "Martha Abreu" De Las Villas. Cuba.

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“Nací en Lima, Perú en el año 1986. Salí de Lima el año 2004 y desde ese entonces entendí que no había nacido para vivir en una ciudad cosmopolita. Me apasiona la vida en el campo, lejos del ruido y del caos de las ciudades modernas.

Añawi gives me the opportunity to continue with my lifestyle, I life from and in the field. As COO of Añawi, I am in charge of production, supply of fresh raw material and quality. I look forward to innovate our processes and the win-win of all those involved.”



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Añawi – Growing Together