Season: December – March

Our organic mangoes are cropped in the privileged lands of northern Peru where climate conditions, soil and water quality favor the natural grow of the crop that together with dedication and commitment of our team, it let us offer a product with optimal quality and excellent presentation.

The mango is an exotic fruit, considered by many one of the finest fruits in the world for it exquisite flavor and intense sweetness, but also refreshing. The fruit is orange and yellow with a reddish blush when ripe. The pulp is juicy, without fibers and firm in consistency.

It is ideal to eat it as fresh fruit or in juice when it is very ripe. The use of this magnificent fruit is very wide in cuisine since it is a low calorie fruit, rich in vitamins (C, B5 and A), minerals and antioxidants.


We work to implement the best practices in our crops and processes, in order to guaranty the quality and safety of our produces, respect for nature and communities, in which we have a positive impact. This effort is translated in the certifications we´ve been obtaining.

Canada Organic

USDA Organic

EU Organic

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