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Worldwide known as aguacate, Peruvian avocado is one of the most popular exotic fruits that not only has a pleasant taste, but also has different beneficial qualities for health for which it has gained an irreplaceable place in the diet of human beings.

The consumption of avocado helps reducing cholesterol and triglycerides levels, it helps protecting vision; it is a fruit rich in vitamin E and folic acid, very rich in fiber and antioxidants.

We grow our avocados in the coast and mountains of northern Peru, our collaborators crop their fields under our supervision in order to deliver the best and freshest organic avocados. We cultivate two varieties: Green skin (Fuerte) and Hass.

Green skin avocado.

January – March

Known by “green skin”, since when it is ripened it keeps its same color. With thin skin and pear shaped, easy to peel, soft and smooth surface. It is a very tasty avocado; the pulp is slightly softer than Hass; and with pale green color. Ideal for salads.

Hass avocado.

March – May

The main characteristic is its rough skin; green avocado when not ripened and turns into dark purple while it gets fully ripen. It is very creamy and tasty; ideal for guacamole.


We work to implement the best practices in our crops and processes, in order to guaranty the quality and safety of our produces, respect for nature and communities, in which we have a positive impact. This effort is translated in the certifications we´ve been obtaining.

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EU Organic


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